Mongolia; A Land Like No Other

It was within the pages of a Steve McCurry coffee table book that I received the summons. Three men on horseback dressed head to toe in furs called out to me. Each had an eagle perched on one arm, reins loosely clutched in the other hand. Behind them lie a never ending range of peaks and valleys, some […]


The 8 month long trip I took last was supposed to send me off to Australia to milk cows or something for a year or maybe two, BUT careless (if not extravagant and unnecessary) spending, redundant drinking (good work liver!) and the arrival of a certain little monkey back home (hello Albie, my gorgeous little nephew) had me feeling all […]


Stay in a traditional ‘Ger’ with a local family See Eagle Hunters in action Swim in Lake Khuvsgul Ride a horse in the Steppe Experience a Shamanic ceremony Milk a horse Try fermented horses milk See the Reindeer Herders in Tsaatan Watch a traditional horse race Has anyone been to Mongolia? I would love to […]