Rupee Rationing: The Chaos That Drove Us Out of India

We had no luck with finding stocked ATM’s for an entire week. We had arrived in Agra on a Thursday night not realising the Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays, only to get to the ticket office on Saturday and not be able to pay by card, then arrived at the train station to find our train to Varanasi was delayed for 8 and a half hours. This on top of a series of dirty, non-functioning, rat infested rooms, we decided it was time to lie on the beach and drink cocktails out of coconut shells for a little while.

We headed back to Delhi, to a room we had prepaid on Agoda and booked new flights Sri Lanka bound. The room stank like of a mixture of mould and fresh paint, the ‘window’ opened to nothingness, the bathroom didn’t have a light, the water was ice cold, the pillow was the colour of a used hooverbag, the blanket reeked like rancid sweaty dogs and dead human bodies. Oh – and there was a dead cockroach on the floor just for finishing touches.

We stayed one night and moved to somewhere way out of our budget for our final night. End on a high, we thought.

Wanting to see some more of this delightful city we sent some money to Western Union and planned out our metro route to Akshardam Temple – which looks like a huge jewel box inside! HOWEVER this was closed on Mondays so we can only trust Pinterest for that image, until next time.

Western Union took 4 hours to confirm the funds had been received, by which time we had already eaten and paid on card leaving us with 4,000 rupees and nothing to spend it on.

We got an uber to the airport the next day and forgot to change the payment method to ‘cash’ before we left, so it was now or never to spend this god darn money.

We ordered two zinger burger meals at Delhi airport KFC.

Two months in India and 5 months in Asia and I hadn’t been sick once. Until now.

The very last meal we ever ate on Indian soil made the pair of us sicker than …..

Just. Our. Luck.

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