Paragliding in pokhara 

Without a moments notice, two steps and we were in the air flying higher and higher than all of the other coloured ‘chutes.

“We need to catch a thermal,” Mike, the guy strapped behind me, shouted over the noise of the parachute flapping in the wind. “But you can’t see it, you can only feel it” he half explained. I left the ‘thermal’ hunting down to him.

As we gained rising momentum I looked down and saw Pokhara from the sky. Refraining from shouting out “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird” and flapping my arms around like Ryan Gosling in the Notebook, I looked around me. 360 degrees. A panoramic view of somewhere close to heaven. It was so beautiful. The green land, the tiny coloured roofs, the bright blue lake and in the distance the vague outline of a mountain range.

We soared up and over the town and did some “acrobatics” over the lake. Mike took some photos and videos on his GoPro which had a fiercely long extendable pole, and I snapped a few shots on my own cam before returning to still ground. The flight lasted around 30mins.

We hopped in the jeep back to Pokhara where the office team speedily copied the memory card to cd. We left exhilarated, with a hard copy of the experience in hand which twinkled in the sunshine, and a hop in our step.



*I paid 6500 Nepali Rupees for a 30minute flight including video and photos.


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