Playing Catch Up

Setting the blog up months before my departure date, I had all the best intentions of blogging as I go, this didn’t happen. Life called, and from July to about a week ago, had little to none or totally erratic wifi and electricity connection.

So after a few technical issues, and some motivational ones too, I have dropped the perfectionist’s act, invested in a local SIM card with a bundle of 3G and am just going to write whatever comes into my head when it comes in my head.
I’m currently in India moving pretty quickly as I’m running on a tight-ish schedule, so posts will be a little scattered for the time being, from India to Mongolia to Nepal. Who likes structure anyway? If I did I would be at my desk right now, with a pret-a-manger cappuccino counting down the minutes til 5pm so I could rush home to simply slob on the sofa and catch up on the latest episode of Made in Chelsea.

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