I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 30-day series. I use them when I’m at home, when I’m travelling, when I’ve got an acre of land to work with or a metre of hostel bathroom floor. No weights or machines are required – just your own bodyweight – and IT WORKS.

Depending on your starting fitness and your goals, you can opt for  ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Advanced’. There are two levels for each category, which would take you through 6 months if you started at Beginner Level 1, including rest days, which are scheduled. All 6 apps would generally take around 1 hour, somedays a little longer depending on the exercises for that day.

The app mixes up a variety of exercises each day which keeps things fresh and gives some of your achey muscles a chance to be a little less achey for a day or two whilst the others take a caning! They require you do do a certain number of reps of each exercise rather than a certain amount of time too which is a bonus for me – I hate trying to follow timed videos whilst executing the moves at the same time!






The standard Nike running app. I love that it records your route and distance individually as well as overall so you can see how far you’ve ran since you started running. The location recording is great if you are exploring a new place to help you remember where that cute organic café was that you passed whilst eyeing up the chocolate muffin display! You can add friends from all over the world and go head to head in challenges. Who says you have to be on the same continent to compete in the same race, aye?!

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