Running for your departure gate as your flight flashes ‘GATE CLOSING’ shouldn’t be the only time you get your heart racing during your trip/holiday.

It can be hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise regime whilst away from home and your usual ruitine. Especially in hot climates. The heat can cause a loss of appetite, and also laziness. So although you may not gain weight sitting around not eating, and may even lose it, you’re more than likely to lose muscle and overall fitness.


  • Quit/cut down on the booze
  • Replace soft drinks including fruit smoothies and juices with water
  • Replace fried foods with salad or vegetables
  • Cut carbs and up protein
  • Make your own healthy meals in a collapsible tuppaware box before long journeys
  • Bring healthy snacks with you wherever you go


  • Walk wherever you can
  • Sign up for walking/bike tours
  • Rent a bicycle instead of a moto
  • Go on hikes – take your camera and explore!
  • Do active activities where available, ie rockclimbing, canyoneering
  • Take a local dance class
  • Sign up for a yoga class
  • Swim in the sea
  • Try water activities available (surfing, paddle boarding, paddle board yoga, kayaking)


  • Use apps that track your daily progress so you aren’t temped to miss a day
  • Schedule a time slot each day to do said exercises (preferably as soon as you wake up, the later in the day you leave it, the more likely you’ll get sidetracked)
  • Pack one workout outfit: trainers, socks, gym leggings/shorts, vest, sports bra(girls)
  • Consider bringing resistance bands along as a replacement for weights (if you get the ones with handles, it can double up as a skipping rope)
  • Wear your heavy backpack to add resistance to squats and lunges
  • Save bodyweight exercise routines from YouTube to watch offline
  • Use local park equipment

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