10 Useful gift idea’s for the travel enthusiast in your life!


SP-In-Use-Sleep_5170These headphones are the ultimate dream. Marketed as ‘pyjamas for your ears’, the luxuriously soft headband contains thin removable speakers to play any type of music, audiobooks, meditation, white noise, or talk radio. It plugs into any audio device with the standard 3.5mm headphone jack – and can double up as a sleeping mask! Great for sleeper buses or trains!

(Available on Amazon. From £25.20)


The ‘J Pillow’ bids a unique patent pending design that puts an end to uncomfortable travel. It’s shaped like a 3D letter ‘J’, hence it’s name, to support your head from rolling backwards, to the side or lolling forward, as the pillow curls under the chin to catch it. The J Pillow comes in high quality 3D filling, or inflatable. The inflatable is my first choice for long term travel as it can be folded away really small and has a removable, washable cover. Both pillows have a snap loop button to attach to a strap or backpack. Give the gift of a great night’s sleep (whilst sitting up)!

 (Available from Amazon. 3D Pillow from £15.95, Inflatable Pillow from £14.95)

FUJIFILM INSTAX PRINTERwellbots-fujifilminstax-5

Wirelessly print images directly from your phone via the INSTAX SHARE app. This is such a good gift for those who keep travel diaries, as well as avid photographers who want to take photos of people, and be able to give them something in return – for example, to nomadic tribes. It’s lighter and more compact than the Fujifilm Instax Camera, and also more economic as no film will be wasted on badly light, badly framed shots!

(£118 with 10 shots film or £144.40 with 20 shots film from Amazon)


 Purified water in just 90 seconds (1litre)! The SteriPEN is a ground breaking device for people travelling to countries where it is not advised to drink tap water as well as camping and trekking when water will be coming from natural sources. Using the power of UV light water purification, SteriPEN  destroy over 99.9% of microorganisms in water that can make you sick making. Reusable up to 8,000 times, and a hell of a lot quicker than iodine/purification tablet! The recipient will not only save money from buying water, but the environment too by not adding to the amount of plastic waste caused by drinking water bottles.

(£60.64 from Amazon)


Phones get faster every year, but their battery life doesn’t seem to get any better! External batteries are great for on the go, they come in all different shapes, sizes and power. From lipstick sized packs that will give you almost one full phone charge to much bigger models which allow multiple devices to recharge simultaneously over and over again. Choose the model to suit the backpacker. Mainly staying in hostels with access to power – opt for light and compact, walking across the Outback accompanied only by a camel? Opt for a slightly bigger, more powerful one.

(Left: Easy Acc 1000mAh £14.95 , Right: Anker 3350mAh £10)


Big sound doesn’t have to come from a big device. Be it at the beach, pre-party dorm room drinks or in the pocket of your moped as you cruise along, enjoy your favourite music on the go. There are plenty of wireless speakers available in all different shapes, sizes and features.

(Anker Wireless Speaker Cube £15.99 from Amazon)



The only adapter needed for an around the world trip! Save precious luggage space with this all-in-one adapter. USB’s can be plugged directly into this adapter to save lugging around home country plugs for every device. This adapter also allows multiple devices to be charged simultaneously without carrying a strip extension lead.

(Go Products USB Worldwide Charger, £20.79 from Amazon)


On a plane, dancing in a hotel room or going for an exploring run – getting tangled up in leads is no longer a worry. These wireless, noise-cancelling headphones will provide hours of hassle free audio thrills! If they do run out of power, they can be plugged in for unlimited wired listening!

(Left: Beats By Dre Solo 2, £225 from PC World, Right: Sound Intone, £23.99 from Amazon)



Packing cubes are a holy grail item for an around the world trip. Not only do they keep the contents of ones bag neat and organised – they also allow one to squeeze a lot more items in. A guaranteed time and stress saver!

(eBags £19.99 for 3pcs from Amazon)


Ideal for the budget traveller who wants to eat half of their meal at the time and take the other half away for later. Perfect for the health conscious traveller who prefers to prepare their own meals for long journeys. Practical for the active traveller who wants to take a meal or snack hiking or cycling! The silicon, reusable boxes collapse down leaving you with more room in your bag without leaving any waste on the trail.

(Collapsible Tuppaware from £3.57 from eBay, Camping Cutlery £0.79 each from Decathlon)


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